Women's Health in Vermont


Infertility Prevention Project

Since 1992, JSI has coordinated this project, which works in more than 400 facilities in 12 states to promote awareness, testing, and treatment of chlamydia and gonorrhea.

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Family Planning Training Centers

JSI manages the Family Planning Training Centers in 12 states. The program includes training for Title X clinic staff on reproductive health and HIV clinical, managerial, counseling, and health education topics.

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HIV Prevention and Underserved Women (2000-2004)

JSI conducted trainings to help providers better reach underserved women by integrating HIV and reproductive health issues within their client interventions.

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Vermont Tobacco Evaluation and Quality Assurance Monitoring (2009)

JSI conducted quality assurance monitoring and evaluation of a program supporting and encouraging quitting smoking early and throughout the pregnancy.

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Integrating HIV Prevention Training (2000-2003)

JSI worked with Title X clinics and other reproductive health providers in Region I to integrate theory-based HIV prevention counseling.

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