Women's Health in Ukraine

Total Fertility Rate (TFR): 1.4
Female Life Expectancy at Birth: 74 years
Births Attended by Skilled Health Personnel: 99%
HIV Among Females, Ages 15-24, 2007/2008: 1.5%
Female Literacy Rate, Ages 15-24, 2000-04: 100%
Lifetime Risk of Maternal Death: 1 in 5,200


Ukraine Maternal and Infant Health Project (MIHP) II

Through MIHP-II, JSI continues to improve women's reproductive and newborn health and increases public awareness of healthy behaviors

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Together for Health: Improving Family Planning & Reproductive Health in Ukraine

In Ukraine JSI builds technical capacity to reduce the number of abortions, unintended pregnancies, and incidence of STIs through improved service provision and access.

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Europe & Eurasia Regional Family Planning Activity (2006-2009)

JSI accelerated family planning program implementation in Ukraine where the Soviet-style medical system doesn't include family planning in its basic health benefits package.

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