Women's Health in Mozambique

Total Fertility Rate (TFR): 5.4
Female Life Expectancy at Birth: 44 years
Births Attended by Skilled Health Personnel: 44%
HIV Among Females, Ages 15-24, 2007/2008: 8.5%
Female Literacy Rate, Ages 15-24, 2000-04: 77%
Lifetime Risk of Maternal Death: 1 in 45


Help Expand Antiretroviral Therapy for Children and Families (Project HEART)

Through Project HEART, JSI focuses on supporting the quality of care at ART and PMTC clinics. JSI has developed a tool to better link medical records from ART clinics with maternity wards to increase prevention of mother-to-child transmission (pMTCT) services.

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MTCT-Plus Data Management Center

The clinical care paradigm for this initiative is family-centered and holistic, addressing the stigma and physical and mental health needs of HIV+ women and their family members, in addition to the distribution of antiretroviral medications.

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Global Reproductive Health Commodity Security for UNFPA (2006-2009)

Ensuring women and men have access to reproductive health commodities, including family planning, JSI partnered with UNFPA to enhance in-country capacity to forecast, finance, procure, and distribute RH commodities.

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MTCT-Plus Implementation and Quality Assistance Project (2004-2006)

Through this initiative JSI built on pMTCT efforts and provided comprehensive HIV primary care and ART for HIV-infected mothers and infants.

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