Women's Health in Cambodia

Total Fertility Rate (TFR): 3.0
Female Life Expectancy at Birth: 63 years
Births Attended by Skilled Health Personnel: 44%
HIV Among Females, Ages 15-24, 2007/2008: 0.3%
Female Literacy Rate, Ages 15-24, 2000-04: 76%
Lifetime Risk of Maternal Death: 1 in 48


MTCT-Plus Implementation and Quality Assistance Project (2004-2006)

This initiative built on prevention of mother-to-child transmission (pMTCT) efforts and provided comprehensive HIV primary care and ART for HIV-infected mothers, infants, and other household members.

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MCH TASC - The Maternal and Child Health Technical Assistance and Support Contract (1998-2002)

Under MCH TASC, JSI strengthened maternal and child health outreach services, increased access to quality care, and provided training in life-saving skills for midwives.

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